#Ivanka Trump is her father President Donald Trump’s most favored West Wing aide, according to the New York Times. She give him advise and her perspective on many different issues and topics, from finance to immigration to matters of international diplomacy. Fittingly, her portfolio seems to contain few limitations giving her a unique freedom to operate in the White House as a novice political aide. At the same time, she is also the most powerful women in the White House's administrative staff, most of whom are men.

According to sources within the administration, #Ivanka Trump and her father talk from morning until evening about policy, politics, diplomacy and the current news in Washington and the United States.

Aides say that she has given her voice to issues such as deportation, education climate, gender politics, and refugee policy and that she offers a fresh and different perspective to many of Trump's aides.

She might not have any government or policy experience, but she will apparently be looking over and commenting on some #executive orders before they are signed, this as was reported anonymously by White House officials. Last week she reached out to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, about organizing some humanitarian aid for Syria, which is torn up by a ravaged war, and which Ms Trump is keen to help.

Her week to shine

Last week seemed to be one of Ms Trump's weeks, and she told interviewers that she planned to act as a moderating force in an administration that was voted in by populist sentiments.

And it's no surprise: she is a social liberal from #New York who is married to a Jew. She has always kept company with more left wing business people and even celebrities. She threw a party for a Democrat a few years ago.

Admitting that she was hoping to exert more influence in the power hungry town of Washington DC, Ms Trump also admitted that she is most definitely a novice.

And it's her keen awareness of her limitations that is giving her a push.

She wants to very much focus on gender inequality in the United States and internationally, which is surising coming from one of Donald Trump's children. She wants to work on initiatives that give women and families more affordable child care options, and she is keen to work and manage a global fund for female entrepreneurs.

Noticeably, without a history in the playground of Washington politics, it seems that Ms Trump may bring much optimism to her role, which could well give Democrats and those on the left more willingness to listen to her and work with her.

In fact, Ivanka Trump has long been interested in gender issues, ever since she worked on a campaign called “Women Who Work” that she used to sell dresses and shoes. Before her father won the election, she was working on a book called Women Who Work and it is finally being published this Tuesday. This stands in stark contrast to her father's record on women.

In creating for herself a niche of gender initiatives, she is positing herself into a frightening set of gender dynamics where women seemed to have been left behind by the #Trump campaign.

First there was the horrifying #Grab Her Pussy matter that stormed into the press – and her life – in 2016. Then there has been the many men in Trump's cabinet, amongst them Stephen Bannon, Mike Pence and Reince Preibus, who consider themselves experts on women's reproductive rights.

Indeed, it is refreshing to see a professional yet inexperienced woman storm into #Washington and claim her space. Confidence, charisma, intelligence and nous. Let's hope Ivanka Trump brings with her a regenerating force to a stumbling administration, one that needs to listen to women.