Israel started to air its concern over the massive $110 billion arms deal made by the United States with Saudi Arabia. Top officials in the country say that the arms deal will significantly increase Saudi Arabia's military capability in the Middle East to the detriment of Israel.

How will U.S. arms deal with Saudi affect Israel?

Israel presently has the military edge in the Middle East. It has the most advanced armed forces in the region and this is all thanks to the massive $3 billion annual military aid coming from the United States. However, with the multi-billion dollar arms package to Riyadh, the military balance in the region may sway to Saudi for the first time.

The arms package contained updated weapon systems such as a new patriot missile and the THAAD (Terminal high altitude area defense), which will give Saudi Arabia air superiority in a massive portion of the Middle East. This raises concern with Israeli officials as it may endanger the security of Israel against political rivals in the area.

Israeli Energy minister, Yuval Steinitz said that Saudi Arabia is a hostile country and measures must be taken to prevent Israel loose its "qualitative military edge."

What is the reaction of the United States on Israel's reaction?

The White House said that the concluded arms deal with Saudi Arabia will not erode Israel's military edge in the Middle East. The White House reiterates that the deals made to the UAE and Saudi are to rally these countries into a coalition against terrorism and the growing influence of Iran.

Though other Israeli officials are weary of Saudi Arabia becoming a regional superpower in the Middle East.

The arms deal with Saudi Arabia is not only the $110 billion worth's of arms delivered by Trump, but included a ten-year weapons package that will total to almost $350 billion. Saudi Arabia will have new naval warships, missiles systems and even state of the art aircraft.

It is Trump's plan to unite the Middle East under an Arab coalition, headed in principle, by the United States against Iran. Riyadh is more than willing to join the United States due to its decades long antagonism with Iran.

What will Trump's future plan with Saudi Arabia?

It is Trump's dream of stopping Iran's influence in the Middle East.

The long term benefits of befriending Saudi and arming it is having a relative power in the Middle East to help impose U.S. policies against Iran.

Aside from Iran, the ISIS threat is also another problem that will be solved by a powerful Saudi and that is the gamble Trump is taking in his political maneuverings in the Middle East.