Mike Dubke personally announced his resignation from his White House position after Donald Trump announced his plan for a major shakeup this week. The political aide has been working as the president's Communications Director for two months before he decided to step down from his post.

What's the reason behind his resignation?

Reports claimed earlier this week that the POTUS is allegedly planning to reshuffle his White House staff after seeing how his team failed to handle the issue regarding the reported Russian interference during the last presidential elections.

It was said over the weekend that Trump's administration is reportedly hiring lawyers and public relations experts to complete the lineup of his White House team. The plan to reshuffle came after new reports regarding the Moscow issue came to light.

In fact, Jared Kushner has been linked to the issue for allegedly proposing to set up a secret communications channel with Russia before the current POTUS assumed the office. Reports stated Trump's son-in-law and adviser allegedly had a meeting with Sergei Kisyak in December where the former presented the proposal.

What's the proposal?

Kushner allegedly proposed to set up a secret communications channel between Trump's campaign team and Russia by using the diplomatic facilities of the latter.

Moscow's ambassador to the US was reportedly taken aback after hearing the real estate investor's idea.

Not only that, Ivanka's other half reportedly had a separate meeting with a Russian banker after he laid down his proposal before Kisyak who thought the plan could pose a threat to Moscow's security as well as to Trump's campaign team.

Why the need to reshuffle?

Trump could be considering this issue as a communications problem rather than a legal matter. In the midst of planning to reshuffle his people, the POTUS is allegedly considering to bring in Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie on his team. The two previously served as Trump's campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, respectively.

Dubke, on the other hand, revealed he had a "good conversation" with the president after he submitted his resignation on May 18. The 47-year-old political aide said he was supposed to leave the post on that same day but was asked to extend until Trump returns from his foreign trip.

When asked about the reasons for his sudden resignation, Dubke refused to give a concrete answer but rather said it was due to "a number of [personal] reasons."