U.S. President Donald trump is the nemesis of fake news. However, it appears some of his online supporters who agree with the president’s statements and tweets about a “covfefe” are also fake.

Mashable reported that since February, the billionaire who loves to tweet at midnight added almost 7 million Twitter followers, according to a report by Social Rank. Since he became president, it would not be surprising that Trump would have more followers.

Egg head avatars

In May alone, 2.3 million followers were added. However, of the almost 7 million new followers on Twitter, 4 million or more than half are likely fake or not real people based on their missing profile photos.

The rise in the proportion of bot followers is alarming, Social Rank noted. At the start of his presidency, Trump had 5 million egg head followers on Twitter out of 24.1 million followers. In April, his egg avatar followers were 28 percent out of 27.5 million followers.

An analysis then by Bloomberg showed that half of Trump’s top 10 most engaged followers are Bots programmed to reply to any of the president’s tweets that grab the attention of netizens. The other half is made up of a mixture of loyal supporters, bashers, activists, neutral commentators, and comedians.

But like the inaugural crowd numbers, Trump’s 31 million Twitter followers pales in comparison to his predecessor. According to Mashable, former President Barack Obama has 89.2 million followers on Twitter.

Fewer tweets for Trump

The president’s viral “covfefe” tweet, according to CNN, is the best argument for the White House to push through with a plan to have a group of lawyers review the president’s tweets and edit them, if necessary. The review would not just look at spelling (the billionaire is known to be a poor speller), but more importantly at the content.

While even Merriam-Webster has declared there is no word such as “covfefe,” CNN figured out that Trump meant “coverage” but since he was tweeting at midnight, he likely feel asleep and did not correct the mistake until the tweet became viral. He just made light of the situation by tweeting a 3:09 a.m. “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe?”

The group that will review the real estate mogul’s tweets would do it after it was posted because no White House employee can tell Trump what to and what not to tweet.

It all boils down to the president believing that Trump will be first, last, and always. Staff may come and go, frustrated by the president’s unwillingness to listen to advice. His Twitter followers – including the egg heads – should brace for more misspelled words tweeted at midnight.