Donald Trump professed his love for Twitter once in vividness all men could comprehend – “I love Twitter.... it's like owning your own newspaper--- without the losses,” @realDonaldTrump tweeted to his over 27 million followers. This tweet had been amplified in endless retweets, but only a few of this millions choose actually to engage.

While there are many types of characters that choose to tweet back at the president, among them are fake accounts and ones emblazoned by the former egg icon. Others could be novice users or trolls, according to data gathered by Social Rank, which was then analyzed by Bloomberg Monday.

What drives anyone to tweet Trump anyway?

Over the last 30 days, data shows that five of Trump’s top 10 most engaged followers on Twitter are actually bots, programmed to reply to any of Trump’s attention-grabbing tweets. Making up the rest of that number are the ever supportive loyalists, the bashers, the activists, the neutral commentators and of course, the comedians.

The bots, though, are programmed to tweet Trump – constantly. Worth mentioning is @EveryTrumpDonor, whose job is to reply to the POTUS’ tweets once a day and mention him every hour. Designed by 42-year-old programmer Adam Kraft, the account has so far posted over 15,000 tweets, all of which relate to Trump and his donors.

Meanwhile, the egg accounts make up 28 percent of Trump’s followers, specifically, 7.5 million out of the almost 28 million.

They were eggs until last week when Twitter decided to change the standard logo into a genderless figure of a human (faceless too).

The move by Twitter was supposed to ostracize trolling, as the egg accounts have long been associated with aggressive behavior online. @realDonaldTrump managed to get a handful of them, which goes to show how popular his profile is.

“People also target you, and they might buy you egg followers,” said Alexander Taub, co-founder of Social Rank. “When you’re a big account, you add eggs.”

Trump followers: some of them are actually real people

The egg/fake accounts previously made headlines, before most of America chose Trump to be the commander of everything.

Last year’s elections show that Trump had the most number of fake followers than other presidential candidates. Ted Cruz had 3 percent, Bernie Sanders was at 4 percent, Hillary Clinton had 7 percent, and Trump was at 8 percent.

Despite the fake following, the Donald still some people rallying out for his cause, such as @ScottPresler and @TrumpsGucciGirl, with the latter refusing to be identified. They’re happy with how things are going for Trump, and both are still a constant on the president’s Twitter.

True to his word, Donald Trump does love Twitter, though. He’s still at it despite the flak thrown at him with his recent erratic accusations. The egg accounts, or floating head accounts, are still there. Should Trump decide to get rid of them, we’re yet to find out.