Upon his return on Sunday from his nine-day overseas trip, U.S. President Donald trump immediately tweeted his thoughts on some issues. The Tweets, including typographical errors, justified a plan by the White House to have a team of lawyers review and edit the president’s tweets so the billionaire will avoid posting embarrassing tweets.

Although Trump could delete a tweet or social media post, the tweets could go viral first or can potentially create legal problems. It is why the White House is studying a proposal to hire a battery of attorneys to go over Trump’s tweets to ensure the posts are not only free from spelling errors, but the contents are also problem-free.

Difficult to implement

However, an adviser to Trump admitted that the procedure to monitor the president’s activities on social media may be difficult to put in place. But the plan is under study, the New York Daily News reported.

The attorneys would read the posts of Trump and edit it or make other necessary adjustments. The aim of the review and edit is to make sure there is a system in place so the posts of the president on Twitter would not flow from his mind out to the universe.

Before his overseas trip, one of the recent tweets of the billionaire was his hint that there was a taped conversation with ex-FBI Director James Comey which led to the latter’s firing. It can be recalled that Trump previously accused then President Barack Obama of wiretapping the Trump Tower during the campaign period in 2016.

His accusation led to an investigation, although it was proven wrong.

Fake news

One of Trump’s pet peeves is alleged fake news coming from media outlets, such as CNN, which are critical of him. He cited the Friday special election in Montana saga which Trump said was a big deal to Democrats and fake news until Republican candidate Greg Gianforte was proclaimed the winner.

However, while Gianforte defeated the Democratic candidate, Rob Quist, he was also charged with assaulting The Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. The GOP member, a multimillionaire, allegedly body slammed Jacobs but eventually apologized for his behavior. Trump immediately deleted the tweet saying that it was a big win in Montana for the Republicans, although Gianforte’s lead was not that large.

He believed that many of the leaks from the White House, such his son-in-law Jared Kushner being investigated for proposing a back communication channel with Russia, are fabricated lies made up by the Fake News media. Trump pointed out that when media uses the term “sources” who are unnamed, it is possible the sources do not "exsist" and it was only made up by fake news writers. His spelling of "exsist" is one reason why lawyers are being considered to review the president’s tweets.