Graco, the children’s products manufacturer, has issued a recall notice for over 25,000 car Seats which were produced in 2014. The company was forced to announce the recall after the NHTSA declared the seats unsafe and also claimed that they did not meet the Federal Motor Safety Standards. The recall impacts car seats for Graco My Ride 65, which are specifically designed for small children.

Why Graco My Ride 65 seats were recalled

According to the NHTSA, in case a serious crash or accident occurs, the webbing of the harness – which is supposed to hold the child in place – could break, leading to serious injuries.

The administrative body also claimed that as the harness was unable to hold the child in place in case a crash happened, the NHTSA decided to recall the products.

The affected 25,494 seats were manufactured from May to August 2014. Web coding for these seats is 2014/06. The model numbers of the recalled seats are 1908152, 1871689, 1813074, 1853478, 1872691, 1877535, 1794334, and 1813015. The Car Seats do not conform to the FMVSS 213.

Graco is offering replacement harness kits for the affected seats for free. In a statement, Danielle Clark – a company spokesperson – said that the replacement harnesses were being provided out of caution. She also reported that this replacement kit would be offered for free and users will also get a manual enlisting the process of harness installation on the seats.

The recall, however, also affects roughly 1,393 car seats that are sold via the Canadian division. Model numbers of the car seats affected in Canada include 1910395, 1910552, and 1910553.

Earlier complaints against Graco’s products

This is not the first time that Graco has had to recall its product. In fact, faulty seats have caused dozens of users to complain against the company to the NHTSA.

The inquiry began in 2013 and led to three recalls the following year.

In February 2014, the company had to recall nearly 3.8 million of its car seats, which were produced between 2009 and 2013.

That recall mainly affected Graco’s:

Nautilus Elite

Size 4 Me 70

My Ride w/Safety Surround

Smart Seat

My Ride 70


Argos 70

Classic Ride 50

My Ride 65

Similar large scale orders were also issued in June 2014, where the company had to recall more than 1.9 million rear-facing infant car seats.

Does the recall impact you? Do you own any of the faulty car seats that are listed above? Make sure you check the number and opt for a replacement.