In an almost unbelievable move, U.S. President Donald Trump shoved Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic aside as he moved in front of the crowd for a better Photo Op exposure. The gesture caught the attention of netizens and is going viral.

What is with Trump's demeanor with other foreign dignitaries?

Trump had caught the attention of many of his critics over his undignified gestures in his meeting with other heads of states. The recent incident was during his official visit to Brussels, where he inelegantly wades through a crowd of dignitaries and forcefully shoving a relatively surprised Montenegro Prime Minister aside as he moved in front of the crowd.

Trump then proceeded to compose himself in front of a swept aside Markovic who was clearly seen with a surprised gaze on his face. The U.S. President's unappealing demeanor with foreign leaders is not a rare occurrence for those covering his trips.

In a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last March in the White House, Trump refused a call for a handshake photo op. The two state leaders sat in an awkward position as reporters clamored the two to greet each other with a handshake, to which Trump silently and smugly refused.

How will Trump's demeanor affect his ability to lead the free world?

The United States has long been regarded as the leader of the free world. However, with Trump and his unorthodox mannerisms, it may seem that the position of leader may soon be given up for another.

Within the first four months of office, Trump had already created a diplomatic fiasco of epic proportions.

The blunders started with his unprecedented firing of FBI head James Comey, to leaking code-word intelligence to Russian envoys to the detriment of Israel, to producing controversial Twitter posts over crucial national issues that only invites criticisms and ridicule.

Though Trump's demeanor may be unsavory for many, his tenure of office will most likely continue without hindrance. A Republican majority holds the Congress, and it will be a miracle for such a red-painted Congress to overthrow one of their own out of office.

However, the greater threat comes from foreign powers like China and Russia, which are gaining the trust of many countries to align with their ideals.

China's "One belt one road" initiative is a major public relation boost for Beijing, especially with the huge promises it dishes out to countries willing to join. With an unstable and moody president to steer the United States, one can only hope that Trump will not be insane enough to run the whole country aground conscientiously.