As the pressure mounts on the White House to come to a consensus over the growing scandal surrounding Donald Trump and Russia, the conservative media is also doing their best to spin the story. When the issue was placed front and center on Fox News, one liberal guest took the host to task.

Fox News on Russia

Not long after Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, he was hit with allegations of possible collusion with Russia. One of the first signs of a problem was when Trump refused to make his tax returns public, eventually becoming the first major presidential candidate to do so in 40 years.

As the months went on during the election, Trump would often find time to praise Russian President Vladimir Putin, which resulted in even some Republicans publicly voicing their concern. By the time Trump had defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, various members of his campaign were exposed for being in communication with Kremlin officials, which carried over into his administration following his inauguration. Since then, the controversy surrounding Russia has only increased, with the latest news involving former FBI Director Robert Mueller being hired to oversee the current investigation into the Kremlin. These issues were highlighted during a May 19 segment on Fox News.

Joining Fox News host Martha MacCallum were conservative guest Katie Pavlich, as well as Emily Sussman, a liberal guest from the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

As expected, the segment got heated when the aforementioned Russian Scandal was brought up, with MacCallum attempting to mock Sussman on the issue.

Martha MacCallum kicked off the segment by attempting to mock Emily Sussman over the increased backlash directed at the president from liberals.

"The president is a Russian agent, obstruction of justice and has only 14 months left in his presidency," she sarcastically asked, before adding, After MacCallum asked how liberal criticism of Donald Trump has been fair, Sussman fired back with a factual rebuttal.

"He's (Trump) tried to derail any attempt to look into any connections between his campaign and the Russia investigation," Emily Sussman said, while pointing out, while noting that members of the Trump administration "have not been truthful about the fact that he disclosed confidential information to the Russians." Sussman's remarks ring true on multiple accounts, especially in relation to a recent Washington Post story that revealed Donald Trump shared classified information to Russian officials earlier this month.

Martha MacCallum then appeared to grow frustrated, ignoring the fact-based remarks given by Emily Sussman. MacCallum said he was only interested in "facts," while claiming she was living in "fact-land." "We would love facts," the liberal guest hit back, before later citing the laundry list of investigations that are linking Donald Trump back to the Kremlin.

Moving forward

While it's unknown what the end game will be, Donald Trump and his team are starting to publicly crack from the pressure. In addition to the president's latest tweetstorm on the issue, new reports have indicated that the White House will hold less press briefings in an attempt to avoid as much interaction with the media as possible.