The news is busting out all over. Here is a survey of things you may have missed. Sherlock is shown above to express homage to one who took his time in bringing down his quarry. He used reason too. Somehow he seems appropriate to this very moment.

The FBI visits Annapolis

The FBI has apparently raided the office of a firm that consults the GOP located in Annapolis, MD. The inference is that this has to do with the trump-Russia matter. Time Magazine ran the story on their website but mainstream media is slow to pick up on it. The operations there have an apparent connection with Paul Manafort.

The FBI sought to discourage inquiry and had no explanation of its action. The article and video noted below will tell you more.

Trump's loyalty thing

Somehow this seems more likely than that Comey assured Trump three times he was not under investigation. The question that emerges is whether Trump was mentally all there when he, apparently enraged, determined to fire Comey. What set him off? There is ample biographical evidence to suggest that if Comey would not profess loyalty Trump would take umbrage.

Did you know?

If I was asked who Americans trusted more, Trump or the media, I might have said, Trump, as he did receive a substantial vote and the media are hardly honored these days. But the poll referenced below shows that the results now favor the media. Trump's popularity now does not seem to equal the strength of his November vote.

No, I don't think so

The hesitation came when a planned visit of Trump to the FBI was canceled.

The reason is pretty obvious. Contrary to the president's narrative of Comey being a showboat, it seems the firings have led to widespread resentment. That was enough to zap the trip.

Why bother?

Trump must have wondered why to bother with going to see the FBI headquarters if thirty sources, according to the Washington Post, said he fired Comey based on an attack of rage. This would explain his outlandish claims about Comey assuring him he was not under investigation. Everything out there suggests that he is under investigation and may be forced to defend himself in a legal proceeding.

At some point, the anger itself may be seen as a basis for urging Trump to resign, for his and the country's mutual good.

How things stand

There has never been a day when things looked great for Donald Trump. Almost every day it seems he is either coming out of danger or getting back into it. And a reporter cannot deny being swayed by the flow of events. But stepping back, Trump remains in place, he pursues his course, it tends in the direction of autocracy and even dictatorship and there is nothing that rises to stop it. It is in such a mood that one feels a sort of repetition coming on. Whan, will this end? The way things stand today it looked like the end was near. Now, not so much.