Donald Trump visited Pope Francis in Vatican yesterday. Pope's ideas and stances are mostly completely opposed to those of the US president, as France Press Agency reports. His wife, Melania, was dressed in black with a hat over her hair, as well as her daughter and advisor Ivanka. "Welcome," said the Pope, and Trump responded: "It is a great honor."

Trump received a book about a climate change

After greetings, the smiling Trump and the more serious Pope stood for a long time in front of the photographers and then began a four-eye conversation that lasted about half an hour.

Pope gave Trump three papal documents, including the encyclical "Laudato Si" about climate change and a copy of his New Year's message of peace, and a medal with an olive branch, the Vatican announced. Trump gave the big blue box to the Pope, saying it contains the books of Martin Luther King with the words: "I think you will enjoy them. I hope you will."

The differences between a millionaire Trump and the "Pope of the Poor" are extremely high, such as obstacles Trump thinks should be imposed on immigrants through the liberal economy. But there are some mutual pointers, according to a French agency, such as the fight against abortion.

"I'll say what I mean, he'll say what he thinks," the Argentinean Pope said before the meeting, pointing out he did not want to judge people before he hears them.

Pope Francis urged the American president to be the founder of peace, on their first meeting, and Donald Trump promised not to forget "what the Pope told him".

Heartfelt conversation

"He really is the man, he is really good, we had a fantastic meeting and a fantastic tour, it was really beautiful," Trump said after the meeting.

"Knowing His Holiness is an honor for the whole life. I'm leaving the Vatican more decisively than ever to engage in the realization of peace in our world," he said on Twitter after the meeting. Trump's words after the meeting were: "Thank you, thank you, I will not forget what you said."

Donald Trump promised to the Pope to be engaged in the fight against hunger and to allocate $ 300 million for this purpose.

The president reiterated the United States' commitment to starvation, according to a press release from the White House. "As announced by the Vatican, the United States proudly announces a budget of over $ 300 million for the fight against hunger, especially in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Niger," the statement adds.

In a statement released by the Vatican after the meeting, it was said that the conversation was heartfelt and that the Vatican hopes for genuine co-operation between the US government and the US Catholic Church in the times that will come, and that includes helping immigrants. The Catholic Church is opposed to Trump's attempts to reduce federal aid to cities that give shelter to illegal immigrants and is also opposed to building a wall with Mexico.

A meeting with Pope is the third stop in Trump's nine-day tour abroad that should end on Saturday. After meeting with the Italian Prime Minister, Trump travelled to Brussels.