The Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs, Mi. desperately wanted to find homes for the cats and dogs in their animal shelters. They hosted a special “Empty the Shelters” day last Saturday with the hope of finding all the animals a new, fur-ever home. The event was sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation, which covered all the animals’ adoption fees. Things went well and 21 of the animals found new homes. However, Eastwood, a one-year-old red-coated Labrador retriever was left behind, all alone.

Eastwood was a stray dog until December last year

Eastwood had been at the shelter since December, after a local stray center picked him up. The Labrador retriever has a couple of problems, including a deformed leg and an eye condition called entropion, which causes the eyelids to grow inward. According to the shelter, the leg surgery alone is likely to cost around $4,000, making it difficult for someone to commit themselves to taking Eastwood into their home.

As reported by MLive, Stan Van Gundy, the head coach for the Detroit Pistons, had been planning on attending the “Empty the Shelters” event, but had missed it.

However, he saw the Facebook plea and ultimately Eastwood found his new forever home with Van Gundy, his wife, Kim and their family of four children. The Van Gundys also already have one dog and six cats, all adoptees.

ABC News spoke to Jessica Evens, the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for the shelter, who said it was “kind of sad.” She said they were baffled that he didn’t get a new home as, even with his health issues, he is an amazing dog.

The animal shelter decided to make an emotional plea on Facebook to try and get Eastwood a good home.

Stan Van Gundy and his family adopt Eastwood the disabled Labrador

The Van Gundy’s wanted Eastwood to join them so much, Kim posted a plea to the Animal Shelter on Facebook, writing in her pets’ voices, and asking Eastwood to become their brother.

The post mentioned that “their people” were really nice and that all the animals get along well and have fun together, ending with a tender “fingers (paws) crossed.”

The right home found for Eastwood the Labrador

Evans said that of all the people interested in Eastwood, it was the Van Gundys' application that really stood out. She stressed that the family wasn’t picked for their celebrity status, but for who they are as people. Evans said they already have a group of rescue pets and they knew Eastwood would have a great home, adding that the family obviously has the financial means to pay for any medical treatment and health care Eastwood may need in the future.

Facebook was where Kim headed again to celebrate their luck, and to welcome Eastwood to the family.

According to the animal shelter, the Van Gundy’s will be collecting their new family member from Little Traverse Bay Humane Society next Tuesday. This is definitely a happy, fairytale ending for Eastwood and the Van Gundy family.