After 20-year-old Joseph Murphy’s girlfriend allegedly made off with his heroin stash, he dialed emergency services to request the services of a Police Dog to track down his missing drugs. The 911 call in question was made by Murphy in January this year but has only now been released by the Bath Township Police Department.

Strangest 911 ever received by Bath Township police

According to Bath Township Police Chief, Mike McNeely, this was the strangest 911 call he has heard in his 41 years with law enforcement. McNeely said emergency dispatchers handle all kinds of calls, but this was one of the most bizarre ever.

He couldn’t believe the suspect was asking police for help in finding his heroin, but he did add that it turned out to be one of the easiest cases to solve.

As reported by ABC 5 Cleveland, in the 911 call, the operator can be heard asking McNeely what was going on that he needed a police dog. Murphy replied to her saying his girlfriend had stolen his heroin. The video then continues by showing police officers questioning Murphy, who then changes his tune to say his girlfriend stole his money. Officers continue to push the subject of the heroin he had mentioned in the 911 call. Murphy’s response is unclear, saying he believed [inaudible] but she won’t admit it to him.

Suspect pulls something out of his pants

The New York Post reports that shortly after this Murphy surprised the officers by pulling something with a “brown waxy substance” out of his pants, which was believed to be heroin. Officers then seized the substance for analysis and Murphy was arrested and finger-printed by the Bath Township Police Department and later released.

According to McNeely, the suspect will likely face a felony drug possession charge once test results are in from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. According to McNeely, Murphy didn’t appear to know what he was doing.

911 call was not the suspect’s first – or last – brush with police

This wasn’t Murphy’s only brush with the police, however, as on April 16, Murphy was again arrested in Bath Township on an OVI charge after crashing a Mercedes car in the town.

At that stage, police said Murphy had a blood alcohol level of .121. McNeely added that the suspect also made headlines across the nation on New Year’s Day, after urinating on a Florida trooper’s leg on a Disney property while being arrested for disorderly conduct. McNeely said he was surprised that anyone could be so bold as to urinate on a police officer.

However, McNeely went on to say that Murphy’s 911 call about the stolen heroin only went to illustrate the opioid epidemic in the country, saying it is “out of control.” The 911 call in question can be heard in the video included below.