Since last Friday, vicious Storms have been developing all over the U.S. They bring large stretches of precipitation across America and really hit the south. From Texas to Maryland, more than 30 million Americans have endured damages and deaths resulting from the weather. They are currently under several storm warnings. The Southern Region of the U.S. is where the most significant impacts from the storms have occurred. Meteorologists throughout the nation have been tracking all the latest developments on these storms. None of the natural disasters seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Storms cause fatalities

A Mississippi woman was one of five individuals slain from thunderstorms in the South. Floods took over the state of Mississippi and grabbed her too. She frantically attempted to guide rescuers to her sinking automobile shortly after it slipped right into a rain-swollen creek. Jacqueline Williams, 52, was working a paper delivery route when her motor vehicle slipped off a roadway and right into a creek in Florence on Monday. She called 911 from the car as it went under.

Local authorities reported Williams gave her location to a dispatcher as her car was sinking in the water. The pair lost contact. Emergency assistance discovered Williams’ body moments later outside her vehicle.

Florence Police Chief Richard Thomas claimed the current where Williams died was strong and fast.

Another heartbreaking story comes from out of another small town in Mississippi. Strong gusts of wind came through with pressures that were knocking everything down in its wake. In Glendora, MS, the mayor's wife passed away the instant those harsh winds slammed a tree into her house.

The mayor, Mr. Johnny B. Thomas, was hospitalized for his injuries shortly after his wife Shirley was killed. The local media in the area has yet to provide updates on his condition.

Latest storm developments

The governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, assigned a statewide emergency broadcast on Monday. The storms have hit his surrounding area and they don’t seem to be calming down.

Some of the heaviest rains came through Louisiana from Sunday into early Monday. Reports from the National Weather Service say at least 8 inches of rain fell throughout most of the state.

Storms throughout the Southern region of America have produced hurricane-force winds, large hail and immediate flash flooding lately within minutes. Approximately 6 inches of rain fell in all areas throughout the region.