One of the heirs to the Hilton Hotel family fortune has made headlines once again after being arrested for felony charges just a few days ago. Conrad Hughes Hilton, the younger brother of Paris Hilton, reportedly made several homophobic and racist comments in court during a wild outburst. The 23-year old was arrested this week for stealing a car and violating a restraining order against him put in place by his ex-girlfriend's family.

Troubled socialite

The young Hilton is no stranger to run-ins with the law as he had been arrested previously for different violations and outbursts.

Hilton had been arrested two years ago for breaking into his ex-girlfriend's home and refusing to leave. He also received a probation for going into a fit of rage inside a 10-hour British Airways flight, where he referred to the flight's attendants as "peasants."

Hilton also reportedly punched the plane's bulkhead and threatened the passengers and attendants that he was going to kill them. Aside from uncontrollable behavior, the youngest son of Richard Howard Hilton was also previously arrested and spent two months in jail due to possession of cocaine and other drugs.

Court outburst

During his arraignment yesterday, May 10, Hilton went on an angry rant and spoke profanities and homophobic statements in front of everyone in court.

Several family members were also in attendance, including Rick, Kathy, and Barron Hilton. When Conrad spotted them in court, he reportedly shouted at them in profane language and even told them that he hates them.

The judge presiding finally decided to released Hilton to his father's custody with the condition that he be brought to the Menninger Hospital in Houston, Texas to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Hilton was also not allowed to leave the facility before his postponed arraignment set for June 29. If Hilton violates the agreement, he will be arrested and taken back into custody. Bail was set for $90,000.

Obsessed boyfriend

His latest run-in with the law still involved actress and socialite ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Solomon, who had already filed a restraining order against the young Hilton.

Conrad reportedly threatened to kill himself if he was not allowed to see Hunter. Despite the restraining order, Hilton reportedly still went to the Solomon residence and even stole a Bentley Continental that belonged to his ex-girlfriend’s father, Rick Solomon.