china advised its citizens in North Korea to immediately leave the country. This was after the rising tension in the Korean peninsula between the US and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK. The announcement may offer a glimpse at the state of Pyongyang's rearmament program and its apparent imminent nuclear test that could happen at any time.

China dismayed at US-North Korea tension

In a quirk of history, China now becomes the voice of pacifism between Washington and Pyongyang after months of military escalation in the Korean peninsula.

China urges the US to remain calm despite the inciting rhetoric of DPRK while talking Pyongyang out of its nuclear ambition.

However, China's plea continues to fall on deaf ears as both countries continue to increase the tension in the peninsula by continued deployment of troops and showing threats of preemptive strikes.

What is the state of the relationship between China and North Korea?

China continues its dialogue with both the US and North Korea. However, North Korea is still adamant about continuing its ballistic and nuclear ambition. Beijing has started to limit exports to Pyongyang, which resulted in the restrained resentment of the hermit country.

North Korea said that China should ponder on the grave consequences of chopping down the "pillar" of China-DPRK relations.

Beijing hasn't responded to such threats but continues to sent limited amount of goods as humanitarian aid.

US launches its second ICBM and bolsters its military and naval presence in the Korean peninsula

The USAF have successfully tested a second ICBM in a matter of weeks. It was fired off the coast of California towards the Kwajalein atoll in the Pacific, a distance of over 4,000 miles.

This was after North Korea failed to launch three missiles and still isn't able to.

The USS Carl Vinson has started its military drills with the South Korean military under the envious and irritable eyes of Pyongyang. China fears that North Korea might go to extremes and fire off any kind of nuclear device out of spite. Because of this, China continues to go in between the two countries and is throwing its weight to momentarily quell the growing tension.

As the tension continues to rise, it is uncertain how DPRK will react to the continued increase of an American presence in the area. However, China is slowly easing out its citizens from the country to protect them from a war that might come.