Back before 9/11 and during a time when President Bill Clinton was presiding over a country blessed with peace and prosperity, bill nye had a show on PBS called “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in which he taught kids the basics of science in an entertaining fashion. Subscribers to Netflix can access episodes of the program and show them to a new generation. However, a segment of one of the episodes has been expunged down the Memory Hole because it deals with the forbidden theory that gender is determined by biology and not, as all enlightened people realize now, by personal preference.

The segment, which has been resurrected onto YouTube, shows a young woman using refrigerator magnets to demonstrate how chromosomes determine one’s gender. As those who took Life Science in school before the transgendered revolution remember, an XY chromosome makes one a boy and an XX chromosome make one a girl. It seemed simple enough before people realized that they could be whatever gender they identified as, no matter which chromosome they had or the makeup of their anatomy.

Clearly, Nye or whoever did the editing was embarrassed at this politically incorrect definition of what determines gender. Someone was afraid that if the segment were left in, Nye would come under attack from people who believe they should use whichever bathroom they choose and try out for whichever team they identify with.

Nye might not see his more politically correct show on Netflix, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” which has more suitable segments for the 21st Century like the transgender dance or the ice cream orgy, renewed for a second season.

Nye also believes that the science of climate change is settled. He used to think that genetically modified foods are bad for people, but he changed his mind on that issue, just as he did on what determined gender.

The kerfuffle of the missing chromosome segment illustrates the lengths to what some people will go to remain popular once they become media stars. The ability to be on TV at will can be like a drug. The more one gets, the more one wants. And losing face time on TV, which Nye would run the risk of doing if he were to stick to the old biological determination of gender, would be intolerable.

The problem is that YouTube is forever and things that public figures want to be buried will forever be out there for all to see. We know that in the 1990s Bill Nye told children that chromosomes determined whether they are boys or girls. It’s right there for all to see. Will someone ask Bill Nye the Orwellian Guy to account for it?