Here is one small step for a fried chicken sandwich, and one giant leap for the fast-food industry.

KFC set to launch Zinger chicken sandwich into space

On June 21, 2017, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) intends to blast their Zinger fried chicken sandwich into Space with their newly designed high-altitude rocket running on solar power; this apparatus is known as the “stratollite,” a word coalescing “stratosphere” mixed with “satellite.”

The KFC chicken sandwich will plunge approximately 28.5 miles above the Earth’s surface, shy of the 62-mile brink to be cogitated on the edge of outer space, however, this is much cheaper than firing off an orbiting rocket, states a KFC spokesperson.

Supposing the blastoff goes off without difficulty, the rocket and the chicken sandwich will drift over Earth for a minimum of four days, with the stratollite recording telemetry information to aid in forthcoming departures by the rocket’s manufacturer, World View, as stated by the Associated Press.

The question on everyone’s mind still remains a mystery. Will anyone eat the chicken sandwich after it lands back on Earth’s surface?

According to, KFC is financing the voyage of the Zinger chicken sandwich, which will note the rocket’s first multi-day journey.

The co-founder of World View and Taber MacCallum, a Chief Technology Officer voiced on their website that the venture will profit both establishments.

“This journey insinuates an edge-of-space approach for KFC, permitting them to embark a unique marketing experimentation while pursuing our original multi-day Stratollite rocket voyage and open extraordinary approach to the stratosphere,” MacCallum said. “This is a dual win for KFC.”

The stratollite takeoff will be made viewable to the public and streamed at

Currently, there is a countdown showing the allotted time for takeoff.

KFC: This is a great endorsement approach

KFC has produced many tactics to endorse the multi-day trip, including releasing a single coupon from the rocket onto Earth’s surface.

The data collected during the mission will assist World View perfect rockets and balloons in the near future, which are devised to trek long distances or float over a specific location on Earth for extended periods, similar to that of a drone.

The stratollites gadgets might soon be used as a method to observe and monitor environmental disasters, deliver Wi-Fi in remote areas of the country, or other amenities yet to be mentioned, per World View representatives.

MacCallum, his wife, and their investor Jane Poynter describe the journey in the following video.

Poynter told correspondents on Tuesday she was entertained with the idea of the launch when KFC contacted their company.

“We laughed, chuckled, and were astonished,” she said. “We believed it was rather amusing. However, after we considered it for about it for a minute, we came to the conclusion that it was exceptionally cool.”

In a commercial last month, KFC gave a sneak-preview of the voyage, starring Rob Lowe as the famous Colonel Sanders.

“The time is here to explore the horizons that we have come to know, to push KFC’s Spicy crispy chicken sandwich, the Zinger to new statures,” he mentioned in the ad. “Of course, there will be questions. Like, ‘why?’”