Huma Abedin, who stood by her husband’s side throughout his sexting scandal has filed for divorce. Reportedly, her attorneys rushed to file the divorce papers as soon as Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to the case that dismantled his political career. The Ex-Democrat Anthony Weiner pleads guilty in a federal court for 'sexting' a minor on Friday.

According to court documents filed by the prosecutor, he knowingly transferred contents of a sexual nature to the child. The sexting scandal took the U. S. media by storm and went viral on top social media platforms.

Reportedly, an anonymous source had sent the damning information to the U.S. Attorney's office in southern New York.

Weiner sobbed in court and apologized to minor

The emotionally 'haunted' Weiner sobbed openly in court during his hearing. During his testimony in the federal court in Manhattan, he apologized to the 15-year-old girl. Weiner admitted he was sick, but that was no excuse for what he had done. He said he wanted everyone to know that he is very sorry and apologized to the individuals hurt by his deeds.

Additionally, he said he had immorally mistreated the child by sexually exploiting her. The alleged issue started in January 2016 and it went on for 3 months. The 52-year-old ex-senator sent out vulgar texts and obscene pictures as well as allegedly asked her to engage in sexual activities.

Weiner said he craved attention of several women

.According to statements, Weiner willingly surrenders to FBI agents on Friday. In the New York court, he appeared before Judge Loretta Preska. The once celebrated Democrat formerly represented New York City in the Senate. However, he resigned from his position after he tweeted an obscene photo of himself reportedly to an unintended recipient.

After news broke of his lewd behavior, he later said he had actually intended to send the explicit photo to one of his supporters with whom he shared a sexual relationship. The ex-Democrat also revealed it was not the first time he sent sexting messages to women, citing that he had done it for many years. He also admits that he had always "purposefully craved and sought ladies' attention.

The former senator said he usually used social media platforms to communicate with women who found him attractive and sexually appealing. Shortly after Weiner's testimony in front of the judge, Arlo Devlin-Brown, his attorney, released a copy of his plea to the media. Devlin-Brown said that he has taken full responsibility for his actions and reportedly had sought medical help for his problem.