A veterinarian in Texas was discovered dead on Monday from an apparent suicide. Valerie McDaniel, 48, allegedly jumped from the 7th floor of her home in Houston. This all happened one day before she was expected to show up in court for hiring a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend. The Houston Chronicle reported that the suspect’s body was found lifeless between the residential property and its swimming pool. No one reported that she was showing signs of suicidal thoughts nor did she insinuate that she had plans to take her own life. McDaniel was the mother of an 8-year-old child.

The man she tried to kill was her child's father.

Fatal attraction

McDaniel and her beau, Leon Jacob, 39, were out on bail when the incident occurred. Both were accused of soliciting capital murder after hiring an assassin to execute their previous lovers. The hitman they thought they hired turned out to be an undercover cop with the Houston Police Department.

The deadly couple offered over $20,000 in gifts and money to have their previous acquaintances killed. McDaniel plotted for her ex-husband to be killed in a way that would resemble a carjacking. Jacob has been charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend. Her accusations which brought on the charges are what prompted him to hire what he believed was a hitman.

Murder plot ends in death

McDaniel posted $50,000 bail just a few days after she was arrested. She was expected in court last Tuesday but chose to take her life instead the day before. Police believe no one was around to witness the suicide. Nobody else was inside the house with her when it happened, either.

Houston law enforcement discovered notes inside McDaniel's home that listed her final requests after her death.

They also found letters addressed to her relatives. There is no evidence of foul play and murder is not suspected in this case.

Leon Jacob apparently got the news of McDaniel's demise on Monday. His attorney, George Parnham, asked the court if Jacob could be discharged from prison to go to McDaniel's memorial service. The judge denied Jacob bail due to the current charges he’s facing.