In the state of oklahoma, a man fatally shot three speculated young criminals with his assault rifle. The 23-year-old claims the suspects broke into his home. Federal officials stated last Tuesday that he more than likely won’t face any charges after confirming initial evidence. The names of the inhabitants at the residence have yet to be released. The parties involved in the robbery have been identified as males dressing in all black with gloves and masks. One of the intruders equipped himself with a blade. Another one was armed with some sort of knuckle reinforcement.

The names of the three men who broke into the home have not been released.

Attempted theft ends in death

Nick Mahoney, Deputy for the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, provided details on the events that eventually led to the deaths of the robbers. Neither one of the men knew they were breaking and entering into the house of a man equipped with an assault rifle.

Last week, three men managed to make their way into a residential property close to the Broken Arrow suburb in Tulsa, OK. The owner of the property’s son woke up that Monday night realizing that the house had been broken into and that the culprits were still in the house. He proceeded to grab his AR-15 military rifle and opened fire on all three men in the house.

Two of fatalities were adolescents between the ages of 16 and 17. The third fatality was a young adult estimated to be around 18 or 19-years-old. Two of the deaths occurred within the residence. The third one happened in the driveway.

There was an accomplice

The men allegedly had an escape vehicle provided by a 21-year-old female.

Elizabeth Rodriguez has been arrested for first-degree burglary and murder on all 3 counts from the robbers. Under Oklahoma’s state laws, anyone who engages in a felony resulting in death has the chance of being convicted of felony murder.

Deputy Mahoney reported Rodriguez was captured after she went to local law enforcement to give data about the robbery that occurred.

District Attorney Doug Dry announced that the case was still in its beginning stages and any charges brought against anyone are pending as investigators wait for autopsy reports.