47-year-old Allen Dewayne Thomas was arrested on Saturday morning and charged with the attempted capital murder of a police officer after calling deputies to his home and shooting at them as they arrived on the property. According to Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowles, Thomas deliberately lured the Parker County deputies into an ambush with the aim of violently taking the lives of four police officers. Reportedly none of the deputies was injured in the shooting incident.

Suspect tells authorities to send deputies to his home

According to Fowles, police received a call at around 6:25 a.m.

Saturday morning from what he termed a “combative” man. Thomas reportedly threatened that should deputies not come to his home in Weatherford immediately; he would start shooting. NBC News quoted Fowles as saying Thomas refused to answer any questions posed to him by the emergency dispatcher, but the suspect did tell them he believed he had already shot two people on his property, adding that two other persons were still on the loose.

Thomas shoots at deputies as they arrive on his property

The Dallas Morning News reports that at around 8:45 a.m., deputies from the Special Operations Group for Weatherford-Parker County headed out to Thomas’ property, located on the 7100 block of River Trail. Reportedly as they drove up to the property, Thomas fired a rifle at them.

A patrol vehicle was apparently struck three times in the shooting incident, and the bullets closely missed hitting one of the deputies. The deputies then attempted to make contact with the suspect in an effort to try and defuse a dangerous situation. As they did this, Thomas immediately shouted at them, telling them they must come and get him.

The deputies obliged, taking the suspect into custody without further incident.

Shooting suspect is now behind bars

Thomas is now safely behind bars at the Parker County jail, where he is facing charges of the attempted capital murder of four Parker County deputies. According to Sheriff Fowles, the Texas Rangers are now assisting with the investigation.