Janet Jackson and her Qatari husband Wissam got married in 2012, she gave birth to a son named Eissa Al Mana at 50 years. According to a report by People, the couple agreed to separate shortly after the birth of Eissa in January, several issues being pointed out as the cause of their split.

Janet had a target to achieve in her marriage to Wissam

Janet's husband has a net worth of about $1 billion and she is worth about $174 million which is not much compared to her husband's fortune, she took a risk of giving birth at 50 years hoping to get a healthy payoff of spousal support.

According to a report in New York Post, Janet Jackson is entitled to a $100 million if the couple stayed married for five years and another $100 million if they had a child. People believe Janet had been calculative and succeeded in setting up a better game for herself, putting five years of marriage even risking child birth at 50 years to achieve her target.

Wissan's control issues

Playing the Muslim wife, wearing head-to-toe garb does not suit Janet's lifestyle, according to report to the Sun, Wissam's influence and control did not allow Janet dress her normal way especially when she has to appear before her husband's family in the Middle East. She would not wear any makeup, hair extension and dress in the traditional Muslim clothing to fit in as a member of the family.

Janet's husband is a religious man who believes his wife should observe all the Muslim practices, according to a report to Page Six, he insists that Janet covers up and does not dance in any sexy way during her performances. This did not go down well with Janet who thinks she might loose her fan base if they do not see the Janet Jackson they used to know.

Besides, a close source revealed that Janet loves to be in control when she discovered she lost it in her marriage, she became tired of playing the good Muslim wife.

Cultural differences

Janet could not adapt to a culture she did not grow up with, a source related to People that Janet tried so much to adapt to her new family religion, after marriage, she spent months studying books on Muslim culture but it seemed very difficult for her to change a lifestyle she has been living all along.

She and Wissam came from different backgrounds, the difference in religion, culture, and lifestyle have been a strong barrier too hard for Janet to break through. It was difficult for Janet to learn left hand at old age, being a Muslim wife could have been easier for any other woman but not one with a lifestyle like that of Janet Jackson.

Janet told the New York media that Wissam shows no concern for her family, especially her mother who recently had a case of molestation by her ex-driver.