The White House accused Russia and Syria, with the most serious charge so far, arguing that there is incontrovertible evidence that Syria used sarin (a chemical weapon with extreme potency) in an air strike last week, and that Russia is trying to cover up the attack and is thus helping their allies.

"The Syrian regime and its primary ally Russia want to confuse the world by not admitting its responsibility for the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people in this and in the previous attacks," the US National Security Council said in a statement the statement.

Russia bombed a hospital

The press release states that the use of chemical weapons is "unacceptable" and represents "a clear threat" to the United States and the world. Although it does not mention Russia specifically, the communication warns: "This is a critical moment - we need to show that deception and false facts have no weight and that excuses of those who protect their allies make the world a more dangerous place."

The three officials of the administration of the US President Donald Trump, who wanted to remain anonymous because of commenting on classified information, confirmed for USA Today that Syria and its ally Russia are trying to cover up evidence of an attack with chemical weapons in the town of Khan Sajkun, which killed 50 -100 civilians, including a large number of children.

US officials said that the testimony of eyewitnesses, video footage from the field, hospital records, and analysis of the World Health Organization, all indicate that it was sarin. Also, medical testing samples of blood and urine of victims conducted in Turkey have confirmed that precisely this type of extremely deadly poison was used in the attack.

The rebels were not able to manufacture evidence in such a short time

Rebels are simply not able to manufacture such evidence in such a short time, it was explained further in the statement, which was released just in time as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Rex Tillerson was traveling to a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

Associated Press reports that the Pentagon were aware of the drone, probably Russian, which was flying above the place of the attack. Shortly after the attack, that plane bombed a hospital where survivors were transported for treatment. US officials believe that Russia thus attempted to conceal evidence of war crimes of their allies.

Although Trump in recent days did not comment on further plans of the United States regarding Syria, his colleagues confirmed that the US is ready to carry out new attacks against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in the event that its forces use the poisonous gas again. In a statement, the US Department of Defense said that the rocket attack on the airbase Sejrat destroyed 20% of operable aircraft of the Syrian army, as well as platforms for filling ammunition, fuel, and air defense. Thanks to the destruction of the Syrian Air Force assets, using a single airstrip is at the moment, of "military worthless interest," the statement added.