One of the cottage industries that arise in the wake of a presidential race is a campaign memoir. One, coming out of the Clinton campaign, called “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” describes a horror show in which the candidate regularly chewed out her staff for mistakes that she, in fact, had made. Now we hear that Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right-hand aide, is shopping a memoir and wants $2 million for it.

If Abedin were disposed to, she could write a book that would be worth that advance and more. Not only is she knowledgeable about all sorts of dirt on the Clintons, but she is married to Anthony Weiner, the former politician who has a tendency to sext women whom he has never met.

The salaciousness possibilities alone would make for a great HBO movie if the cable network were ever disposed to do entertainment that makes Democrats look bad.

But, as Hot Air notes, a slight problem exists for the book project. Abedin is not divorcing either her husband or the Clintons. Indeed, she got Hillary Clinton’s permission to proceed with the book project. So Abedin is likely to tell a story that puts the failed candidate and her perverted husband in a far more favorable light than either deserves. She might want to rethink that approach because no publishing house is going to drop $2 million on a book-length puff piece.

On the one hand, Abedin could get far more money that would include TV and film rights is she were willing to do a real tell all.

The story needs Hillary screaming and throwing things at her staff. There needs to be at least one knock down drag out argument scene with husband Anthony Weiner. Also, the more sex, especially involving Bill, that is in the story, the better.

Mind, turning on the Clintons represents a significant risk. Bill and Hillary both are infamous for the way they treat people, particularly women, who they find to be a problem.

Abedin would likely have to be prepared to wage war for the rest of the Clintons’ lives (and likely have the vendetta carried on by Chelsea) if she decides to roll over on them for money. She will have to ally herself with people with whom she would never ordinarily associate herself yet. Fox News’ Sean Hannity, always willing to interview and enemy of the Clintons, comes to mind.

Better still, Huma Abedin should never have become a friend of the Clintons to begin with. Being too close to that family has rarely ended well for anyone.