Three breaking incidents with wider patterns. Whiteclay is not merely alcohol on reservations but wherever it destroys life. O'Reilly is just the latest face in a procession that will continue until aggressive sexual advances are recognized as criminal offenses. Fresno is a Rorschach where people who want to read terrorism from a single phrase vie with those who fault prevalent Gun Violence. None of these speak well for our present society. All call for approaches that have not been thought of much less implemented.

Intervention at Whiteclay

The story in Whiteclay is stark and simple and will most probably be forgotten in a few days.

There are four liquor stores here. They serve a nearby reservation where it is not uncommon for drunk drivers to get into fatal crashes. Observers would like Trump and his Indian Affairs people to address poverty and hopelessness on all reservations. In the meantime, the state liquor board has denied licenses to the four stores.

This act is more a prayer than a barrier to getting drunk on the reservation. Bootlegging persists. Appeals can be lodged. Like most addictions, the lure of liquor means that it will be obtained. Only when we have a society that puts the needs of people above the serving of a master class can we even think of addressing the problem

O'Reilly faced an avalanche of rejection

Bill O'Reilly was gone in what may have been record time.

The allegations of unwanted sexual advances piled up. He fell from being the featured star on FOX to being out on the street. This is an example of an addiction that is being addressed precisely by the act that has taken place. The jobs of sexual abusers are less and less safe. The addiction is less powerful than that of alcohol, Discretion can intervene.

We can reduce the degree and violence of sexual abuse.

A shooting in Fresno

The lure of power creates attraction to guns and leads too often to death.

The US Constitution says nothing about anyone being able to use a gun for any purpose. But we have a President who uses the Second Amendment as a dog whistle. A disturbed individual is more easily seen as a terrorist than an addict.

We can evolve beyond this

The thinking around cybercommunities is designed to offer a way to build a nation that can do much better than now. It proposes car-free communities small enough to create a walkable setting and large enough to enable viable business growth. They wed technology to humanity. Today's society is not sustainable