A new office was opened by the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday called Voice. According to the description of the new office, it was set up to assist people who have been affected by crimes committed by “removable criminal aliens.” The office was set up after an executive order on immigration was signed by President Donald Trump.

Twitter immediately exploded with various comments about the new service, with some noting the new hotline was started on what is dubbed “Alien Day,” an annual, promotional day started by the producers of the “Alien” film franchise.

Naturally this could not be ignored. There are no clear reports as to how many people called the hotline to report a different kind of alien, but many Twitter users commented that it took a while for them to get through. Most tweets were naturally sarcastically humorous.

While it is not known just how many calls were made, it must have been quite a few, as a spokesman for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency said the prank calls had seriously impacted the VOICE service. The spokesman told Buzzfeed News that there are surely more constructive ways to make an opinion heard than to prevent the legitimate victims of crime getting through to the service, by tying up the lines with hoax calls.

It all seems to have started with a tweet by Twitter user Alexander McCoy, who followed up on his own tweet with an image of the other kind of aliens being kept out by a wall.

To make sure the idea spread, other Twitter users made their own comments, including the hotline number.

The pranks didn't just involve aliens from outer space, however, as even Sasquatch got a mention.

The more serious side of the VOICE service

As reported by CBS News, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said at the launch of the VOICE service that the victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens were “too often ignored.” Kelly went on to say these are casualties of crimes that should never have been able to take place, adding that the criminals involved were often in the country illegally. Reportedly the VOICE office will update details of undocumented immigrants as they move through the immigration process, even if they are deported.

However, as reported by the CBS, opponents to the Trump administration’s immigration policies have pointed to various studies that show aliens are actually less likely to commit serious crimes than native-born subjects. According to the American Immigration Council this fact holds true in the case of both legal and illegal immigrants, regardless of their level of education of country of origin.