US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley told the press that the United States will consider military action against North Korea if it conducts another missile test. Haley added that President Trump will be forced to decide on a more direct approach of ridding Pyongyang of its missile and nuclear capabilities.

Trump met with the UN council to talk about the North Korean crisis

trump's meeting with the UN came as a surprise for many, especially due to the the president's antagonistic approach toward the UN. At the meeting, Trump told the UN council that they should be ready to take further action against North Korea.

Trump elaborated on saying that the UN must be prepared to impose stronger sanctions on Pyongyang to end its nuclear ambition.

Trump also reprimanded the UN council, telling them that they have failed in Syria in its latest response to Assad's use of chemical weapons. The president added that it was very disappointing but he concluded that the UN will still have a major role in diffusing the tension in North Korea and Syria.

Trump will respond militarily if North Korea continues its saber-wielding antics

A tactical attack is a sure eventuality if Kim Jong-Un disregards US demands to halt its nuclear ambition and ICBM research and tests. The USS Carl Vinson will ensure that Pyongyang gets the message that the US is ready to retaliate if threats are indeed carried out.

The threats made by Kim Jong-Un also made Japan weary and began planning emergency measures in case a nuclear strike occurs. Kim Jong-Un vowed to destroy the US with a preemptive strike, but Japan is a more likely target after Seoul. China, on the other hand, is still firm that it will not react to any preemptive attack made by either North Korea or the US.

In a phone call with Trump, President Xi said to remain calm and avoid actions that will worsen the tense atmosphere.

North Korea made two recent missile tests, one being a failure

North Korea conducted two missile tests in the past few weeks. However, the tests conducted during the celebration of its deceased leader Kim Jong-Il were a failure.

The US military will not take it lightly if Pyongyang decides to test another missile, especially as the US fleet will be near the area. It remains to be seen whether the tension will escalate moving forward.