The Korean peninsula was a colony of Japan and after the defeat of Japan, the country was carved into 2 distinct parts along the 38th parallel. In response to the launch of an ICBM by North Korea the US has decided to induct the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Defense System) as a countermeasure. The hostile intentions of North Korea are clear and general Mattis, on a recent visit to Korea and Japan, had promised to stand by obligations of defending South Korea. It was also announced that the THAAD system would be installed. The decks for installing the system are cleared as land has been exchanged by the US giant Lotto for installing the system.

China opposes this measure.

Beijing reacts

The Chinese have been incensed at this deployment and have called on both the South Korean and US governments to desist from making the system operational. The spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Geng Shuang has stated that the system " severely disrupts regional strategic balance and jeopardizes the security interests of regional countries including China."

China worried

The Chinese are worried about the capability of the THAAD system. It has powerful radars that can snoop deep into China and this has alarmed the Chinese.The Chinese are worried that the defense system will undermine China's indigenous ballistic missiles capability. Beijing has warned that China will take necessary measures to safeguard its interest.

During a news briefing, the spokesman also said: "The consequences entailed will be borne by the US and Republic of Korea."

The future

The US is unfazed and is going ahead with the deployment. The American company Lotte will hand over a golf course in the Seongju region for the deployment of the system and receive a parcel of land near the capital Seul.

The decks are now clear to induct the weapon system into South Korea. This was inevitable if the US is to honor its resolve of standing with S Korea against an aggressive North Korea. Unfortunately, China which covertly backs Kim Jong, is not happy. The Korean problem is another that has been in existence for 6 decades and one will have to see how Donald tackles it in the future