A “very famous” person is very upset after a Giant Rabbit being transported by united airlines from London Heathrow to O’Hare Airport in Chicago died in transit. Simon the giant rabbit measured 3f t in length and was 10 months old when he died in the cargo section of a Boeing 767 en route to his new celebrity owner. The rabbit reportedly had the potential to grow to a record-breaking size.

Father of the giant rabbit was over 4 ft in size

According to the Sun newspaper, Annette Edwards, 65, a rabbit breeder from Worcester, told them the giant rabbit was expected to grow to a record-breaking size as his father, Darius, was 4ft 4in.

Edwards added that the rabbit’s buyer was “very famous.”

The Guardian reports that a spokeswoman for United Airlines had confirmed that they were offering assistance to a customer, while reviewing the incident on the London to Chicago flight. She added that the company is “saddened” to hear the news, saying the safety and well-being of all animals that travel with the airline is of the “utmost importance" to them and their PetSafe team.

Previous United Airlines scandal still doing the rounds

The latest incident comes just under three weeks after Dr.

David Dao was seen on video, being dragged off a United Airlines flight. That video sparked outrage worldwide after the 69-year-old was forcibly removed from the flight, bloody and screaming, when he refused to give up his seat to an airline employee. Ironically Simon the giant rabbit was heading to the same airport in which Dr.

Dao was removed from the plane.

The Guardian quotes the latest figures from the US Department of Transportation dating from 2015, which showed that 35 animal deaths had occurred on the flights of 17 carriers in the U.S. 14 of those deaths were attributed to United Airlines, with another nine of the 100,000 animals in transit with that airline reportedly injured.

Giant rabbit was completely healthy before flying United Airlines

Edwards went on to say that “something strange had happened” on the flight and she wanted to know what. According to a vet check-up three hours prior to the flight, the giant rabbit was fit and healthy. She added that she has sent rabbits on various airlines all over the world and has experienced nothing like this before. Edwards again went on to stress that the client who purchased Simon the giant rabbit is a celebrity and that he is upset.

As noted by the Sun, Twitter erupted with a series of memes and jokes about the unfortunate passing of the giant rabbit. He even got his very own hashtag #SimonTheRabbit.

One poked fun at a recent story about a scorpion falling out of the overhead locker on a United flight.

Yet another tweet poked fun at the airline's recent PR recovery attempts.