A video of a man with busted and bleeding lips and nose dragged off its seat the united airlines has been the trending topic worldwide. The airline has been earning the indignation of many people who have seen the video online since yesterday when the footage was uploaded on the Internet. A recent report revealed the leaked email of the airline’s CEO to its employees.

Leaked email

On Twitter, ABC’s Shahriar Rahmanzadeh shared United CEO Oscar Munoz email to its employees. The letter disclosed that the airline was trying to seat its four employees on an overbooked flight.

As a result, four passengers were asked to deplane. The flight was bound to Louisville and originated from Chicago.

In a message leaked to ABC, the gate agents were informed by the airlines’ crewmembers that they needed to be in the flight, just after the plane was fully boarded. In the CEO’s email, it was explained in details that initially, they looked for volunteers. Since no passenger would like to volunteer, United randomly chose four passengers; three complied while the other one refused saying he had patients he needed to attend to.

The email went on explaining that when they regretfully conveyed this to one of the passengers, he started to raise his voice and did not comply with the crew’s instructions.

The said passenger who was seen violently dragged on the circulating video according to the CEO was approached by several times in an attempt to have him comply but he still refused.

After that, the staff seeks for the help of the Chicago Aviation Security Officers for assistance. After unsuccessful attempts to gain his compliance, the Chicago Aviation Security Officers physically removed him from the flight.

There were three CASO who got on the plane and two of them tried to explain the situation to the said passenger but to no avail.


One passenger, Tyler Bridges, even told him that he must get off the plane. His wife, Audra Bridges posted the video on Facebook. In the video, one of the security officers was seen taking the man, who was screaming, from his seat, through the armrest and pulling him on the aisle.

In the video, other passengers can be audibly heard saying that it is wrong and that he has busted lips.

Chicago Aviation Department

The Chicago's aviation department released a statement saying that the officer who was seen in the video grabbing the passenger was placed on leave. In the statement the department said,

“The incidence on United Flight 3411 was not in accordance with our standard operating procedure and the actions of the aviation security officer are obviously not condoned by the Department.”