Donald Trump is making good on his promises. It looks like he is a man in a hurry, and his first few days in office have shown the mettle of the man. He is executing what he said all along. He has signed an executive order on 2 contentious issues, the border wall and radical Islamic travel to the USA. President Obama will be heartbroken at the speed with which Donald is dismantling the legacy of the Obama years and it is possible that in another 4 years nothing much will be left. Donald Trump has signed an executive order effectively barring Muslims from traveling to the USA for 90 days from 7 Muslim majority countries (namely Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan).

He has also suspended the refugee entry and resettlement program of Obama for 120 days. Trump says that these measures are necessary to weed out radical Islamic terrorists.

Donald and Islamic terror

All through the election campaign Trump hammered at president Obama and accused him of being soft on Islamic terror. There is no doubt that Obama never used the word "Islamic" in defining terror groups while Donald uses this word with impunity. He has not wasted much time in carrying out what he had promised. However, It falls short of his promise to ban all Muslims from entering the USA.

Man in a hurry

Donald Trump is a man in a hurry. His latest acts have been opposed by many Americans, but there appears to be a groundswell of support for him on this issue.

Despite this Donald has gone ahead and signed the executive order which is within his power.

Last word

Donald Trump's decree also effectively put on hold the entire refugee program ushered in by Obama for 120 days. He has called for extreme vetting of all applicants, as well as their backgrounds. The head of the American chapter of Council on American-Islamic relations (Ahmed Rehab) has said that his organization will fight the executive order tooth and nail. Unfortunately for him, with a groundswell of support for this among many Americans, he may not succeed.