According to a news release on their Facebook page, the Santa Monica fire department was called to as fast-growing fire in an apartment in the town at 4:10 p.m. On arrival at the scene of the fire, they found a Dog, who they later found to be called Nalu Marley, in the apartment, lying unresponsive and overcome by the heat and the smoke.

Andrew Klein, one of the firemen, discovered the pet dog was trapped in the apartment and was unconscious. Klein came to the rescue, giving Nalu Cpr and brought him back to both consciousness and life. Reportedly, after the firefighters brought Nalu out of the building, Klein used a pet oxygen mask, while performing CPR on the dog.

It reportedly took around 20 minutes for Nalu to come around and be able to walk again. Once he was conscious, the dog was taken by the firefighters to an animal hospital for a checkup and further medical care.

Apartment fire under control within ten minutes

It reportedly took the Santa Monica Fire Department 23 firefighters and 10 minutes to bring the apartment fire under control and there were no injuries to residents. However, one displaced occupant was assisted by the Santa Monica Chapter of the Red Cross. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire. You can see the Nalu receiving CPR in the video included below:

Rescued dog’s owner will be forever grateful

The dog’s owner, Crystal Lamirande, was thrilled that her dog Nalu was alive after the blaze.

She posted to her Facebook page that Nalu was “back from the dead,” saying her pet is happy to be alive, even though his clothing was all badly smoke damaged. She went on to thank the Santa Monica Fire Department for their extra effort in saving her dog, saying they will both be forever grateful.

“Man’s best friend” works both ways

They say that dogs are man’s best friend – it turns out sometimes, as in this case, it also works the other way around. However, Blasting News did recently report on the story of a two-year-old rescue dog that returned the favor by saving the life of a three-year-old girl. Peanut insisted her owner follow her outside to a ditch.

In the ditch was the small girl, curled up totally without clothing and freezing cold. If it wasn’t for Peanut the dog, the little girl would not be around today.

In another story recently reported on Blasting News, yet another rescue dog saved the life of his owner when their mobile home went up in flames. His owner was sleeping, reportedly without his hearing aids, and Marley the rescue dog woke him up when the fire started, allowing them to both escape.