According to a spokeswoman for the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, Francine Gotch, 38 and her three-year-old daughter Neville Alexander died as a Tornado swept through the area, flipping and destroying their mobile home while they were inside. The incident happened shortly after authorities issued a warning Sunday morning about Severe Weather conditions. As reported by NPR, both mother and daughter were pronounced dead at the scene.

According to witnesses, the father was at the store when the tornado hit and when he returned home, he found Gotch and their daughter lying dead in the debris left by the storm.

Some witnesses said there were other injuries in the area caused by the tornado.

Dog saved by firefighters after fire in home

NBC reports that in a separate incident in Shreveport, Louisiana on Sunday, a family dog was saved by firefighters when it was found lying unresponsive following a fire in a home. According to authorities, the fire crew performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the dog. Clarence Reese of the Shreveport Fire Department told NBC that lightning was suspected to have started the fire. According to Reese the dog and five human members of the family are doing fine. Their home, however, suffered from fire, water, and smoke damage.

Dangerous weather to continue Monday

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards continued to warn residents in the area Sunday about the “extremely dangerous weather.” He said this is just getting started and the whole state is on “high alert” as problems could still occur during the night.

NBC quotes Danielle Banks of The Weather Channel as saying the storms are going to move across a large area. Banks said the storms will likely sweep through Florida and Georgia throughout Monday as well as South and North Carolina.

The Weather Channel also reported that several Alabama school districts will be closed, or likely to let students leave early, on Monday as the state prepares for possible storms. Reportedly schools in Washington and Clarke counties and the city of Thomasville will be closed on Monday.