Joy Lane, the former girlfriend of Facebook killer Steve Stephens, was recently interviewed by Inside Edition. Lane was mentioned in the Facebook Live video that Stephens posted to the social media platform as being his reason for shooting 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. Before he took Godwin’s life on a Cleveland street, Stephens left voicemail messages for his girlfriend. One of the messages left by Stephens said that he was trying to be a better man and that he was now motivated to strive to be the best in life, stressing the words, “I’m really motivated.”

Joy Lane lived with Steve Stephens for three years

Lane and Stephens, 37, lived together for three years.

She told Inside Edition that two days prior to the murder, they were still together and according to her, everything seemed to be fine. However, she noted that Stephens had a gambling problem and that this was causing friction in their relationship. She finally gave Stephens an ultimatum, telling him it was either her, or the gambling.

As reported by the New York Daily News, just before Stephens shot Godwin on the Facebook Live video, he mentioned Lane’s name. In fact, he asked Godwin to repeat the name, before telling him she was the reason this was going to happen to him. He then shot Godwin dead in cold blood.

Joy Lane asked if anyone blames her for the death of Robert Godwin Sr.

Les Trent from Inside Edition asked Lane if anyone blames her for Godwin’s death and she responded in the affirmative.

According to Lane, Stephens tried to call her twice before killing Godwin and he then disappeared. Lane said she had no idea what Stephens was calling her about or what he was going to say to her, and after the shooting the police reportedly told her not to text Stephens. Lane said she did, anyway, but he didn’t get back to her.

For her safety, and that of her three children, police moved them into a hotel, fearing Stephens might come after them following the shooting. However, it was three days later that he was tracked down by police in Eerie, Pa., where he shot himself after a police chase.

Lane told "Inside Edition" that she had no idea Stephens would snap like he did.

She said she still thinks of him as being a good guy, but one who did something very wrong. Lane also believes that Stephens loved her like no other man has loved her before. When she heard what he had done, she said she screamed and cried. She never imagined he would do something like that. When asked about the moment Stephens blamed her for killing Godwin in the Facebook Live video, Lane said her reaction to that was pure sadness.

The full interview can be heard in the video included below.