One of Donald Trump's biggest supporters since he kicked off his campaign for president has been Sean Hannity. With Hannity sticking by Trump through thick and thin, the Fox News host is now firing back after being accused of getting tricked by an online troll account.

Hannity fires back

Ever since the early days of the 2016 presidential election, President Donald Trump has been forced to deal with ongoing speculation in regards to whether or not Russia had impacted his campaign. The majority of mainstream news outlets accused the former host of "The Apprentice" of possibly hiding damaging financial information by refusing to release his tax returns, while many of his past and current associates have been found to have had communication with Russian officials.

Since his election, the Russian scandal has only increased, with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and current Attorney General Jeff Sessions all being linked back to the Kremlin, which has resulted in the House Select Committee investigating Russia's influence on the election. Sean Hannity has defended Trump over the issue, accusing the media of pushing "fake news" to sabotage the president. After Raw Story published an article questioning whether or not Hannity was "punked" by a Russian parody account, the Fox News host fired back on Twitter on April 8.

On Friday, Raw Story ran an piece that highlighted a Twitter exchange between Sean Hannity and the social media user known as "Soviet Sergey." The alleged Russian account replied to an earlier Hannity tweet where the Fox News host wrote, "So many of you are asking about this, I DO NOT know if surveillance and unmasking vs me occurred." Hannity went on to say that if "unmasking" against him did take place, he would be prepared to take legal action.

In response, "Soviet Sergey" replied by tweeting "I know, DM me." Not long after, the account posted a screen shot from an alleged direct message conversation with Hannity. During the alleged conversation, Hannity asked about surveillance against him, to which the "Soviet Sergey" fired back "Are you crazy? Do you think the deep state is reading your thoughts?"

On Saturday, Sean Hannity posted a link to the Raw Story article while adding his own message in the process.

"More fake news," Hannity wrote on Twitter, before adding, "This never happened."

Next step

As of press time, Donald Trump, his supporters, and much of the right-wing media have downplayed the Russian scandal, with many claiming the mainstream media is stretching the truth or promoting "fake news" as a way to undermine the president.

Despite the evidence that continues to be released showing Russia's influence on the Donald Trump campaign and administration, it doesn't look like the president or his team will be backing down from their defense anytime soon.