With just one quick decision, President Trump has managed to split the world into two opposing factions: those who are with Trump’s air strike on Syria prompted by Assad’s “alleged” use of chemical weapons on its own civilians and those who are against it.

The alleged nerve gas attack done by the Syrian government killed at least 70 people in the rebel-controlled city of Khan Sheikhoun. According to a CNN follow up report, survivors describe the attack as an air strike, in which chemical weapons were dropped on the city. Though investigations are still ongoing, the real nature of the attack is still uncertain.

However, despite this, President Trump ordered the attack, which sent shock waves around the world.

World leaders split on reaction to US Airstrike

According to a Fox News interview with Senator Ran Paul, he believes that the president was wrong in the decision to conduct air strikes on Syria as it violates the constitution. Sen. Paul argued that it is congress that should approve military action against another sovereign country and that genocide isn’t an excuse to violate the constitution. As the split sentiment is growing among the Trump administration, the same divisive tendency has effectively split the position of world leaders. Among those who are with Trump over the reactionary attack are surprisingly, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Israel, countries, which in normal occasions would not come into agreement.

US-Russia relationship deeply affected by Trump's decision

Unsurprisingly, those who oppose the attack are Russia, China, and Iran. Both President Vladimir Putin and Premier Xi Jinping have openly condemned the US attack. State-owned Chinese media called the president’s move a weakened politician who is in need to flex his muscles.

Russia and Iran have interests in Syria and both are in need of its port to access the Mediterranean.

However, despite the 59-tomahawk missile strike done by the US military on Al Shayrat Airfield in Syria, the next move by the Trump administration is still undecided. Russia calls the move an “act of aggression” which may put more strain on the thinning US-Russia relationship.

The Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the US is just “steps away” from a confrontation with the Russian military. This is due to Russia’s highly valued assets in Syria and President Assad being a logistical ally. Yet, according to many political analysts, the only conceivable solution to this growing Syrian crisis is the complete cooperation of Putin and Trump. Below is a video collection of reactions coming from different countries in the world.