You’ve seen the horrifying videos on social media, but now the scope of the horrors taking place in Syria are starting to take shape. As a result of the ongoing battle between rebel forces and the government, on Tuesday a chemical bombing took place that is being called “the worst Chemical Attack in years in Syria,” according to the New York Times. The use of chemical weapons in this recent Syrian airstrike has led to the injury and death of hundreds of citizen, especially those in the town of Khan Sheikhoun where there is a heavy rebel forces presence.

Now, a new report from UNICEF is reporting the death toll of this heinous attack.

Casualties of war

In the latest UNICEF report released today, Thursday, April 6, it is being reported that 27 children are confirmed as having died as a result of the attacks. An additional 546 people, many of whom were also children, are being reported as suffering effects of exposure to the chemicals. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claiming total deaths around 86, including several women and children. Meanwhile, Turkish officials are stating the number of deceased exceeds 100.

“The killing of children in Syria cannot be allowed to continue," said UNICEF Regional Director Geert Cappelaere.

Denial and investigation

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem is denying that Syrian forces used chemical weapons in their airstrike. Instead, Moallem is insisting that Syrian forces used traditional weapons in their airstrike and accidentally struck a rebel-held chemical weapons depot, releasing the toxic gas.

Many world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, have condemned Moallem’s claims and place blame on entirely on the Syrian government and Syrian President Bashar Assad.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, " (There is) no doubt in our mind that the Syrian regime under the leadership of (President) Bashar Assad is responsible for this horrific attack."

As foreign leaders prepare to investigate this tragedy, Moallem urges those involved to maintain an objective investigation. He believes the West is jumping to conclusions, being quick to blame the Syrian government without having all the facts.

Moallem believes this is an attempt to disrupt the political processes of the country.

He said, “This choir that was launched in the international arena is made up of states that are well-known for conspiring against Syria.”