It is important to know the symbols once used by human traffickers just as it is important to know the definition of those who take part in trafficking. On occasion, the lines get blurred and as a society we will need to make choices on morality in the very near future.


pedophilia, the act of inappropriately touching a child, is a crime. Pedophiles say they want to be viewed as normal and they want you to know they can keep their desires in check. In fact, there are many pedophiles (who wish to be called pedosexuals) who have never touched a child and find their desires morally repugnant.

Pedosexuals wish to be treated as a minority with equal rights as long as they stay on the right side of the law.


Those who willingly take part in prostitution and are of legal age are not considered part of human trafficking. Although those who were coerced into taking part are considered trafficked adults. Child prostitutes are those under the age of 18. While these can be teenagers or children, the definition stays the same.

The Symbols

The blue triangle framed by another triangle is a symbol for adults who love boys.

The thinner blue triangle framed by another triangle is for those who love younger boys, meaning young children.

The heart within a heart within a heart is for those who desire young girls.

You can find it on your Samsung phone under symbols.

The triangle, a love heart and a circle merged into one is an advertising symbol used to promote pedosexual causes known as the Child Love Online Media Activism logo.

While I am sure than many of these symbols have been used innocently, it is important to be aware of them.

As time passes, these symbols will no longer be useful because of what use is a hidden symbol if it is no longer hidden?

The end is only the beginning

Ending this series of articles comes with great relief wrapped up in a circle of angst. I had no idea human trafficking was so extensive and permeated our society to such an extent.

While researching, I discovered that pedophilia has even attached itself to our political parties and is being used as a ploy for one side to attack the other and visa versa. This is unconscionable if there is no proof available. If there is proof, either party is duty bound to produce it.


There are lines that should not be crossed and one of those is with our children. It is our duty and our responsibility to keep them safe and out of the hands of predators. Distracted mothers are everywhere and they can use our help in keeping children safe.

Monitoring our borders, as unpopular as that is, will go a long way in keeping girls, women, boys and men safe. Humans are abducted from 3rd world countries and brought into the United States across the Mexican border.

We need people on the ground, keeping their eyes open for human trafficking. Where I was once not sure about a border wall, I am beginning to see why the borders need to be watched carefully. Again, it is our duty as United States citizens, to keep human trafficking from our doorstep and to help those victims in need, not just deport them.

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