The quest

When I started to discover the truth about child trafficking and rape, I truly believed that the statistics would not be proven out by the facts. I was wrong. When I ran across an article by Dr. Lori Handrahan, I didn’t believe she would respond to my e-mail. She did and gave me permission to use the information she has complied. In fact, she encouraged me to use as much of her work as possible and for that, I thank her.

My path has taken me from child trafficking to child pornography and then to pornographic trading of children in images and videos within our universities.

I find that while the free exchange of ideas is under assault there appears to be a shocking rise of trafficked photos and videos of child abuse, rape and even infant abuse among the professors that teach our kids. While I do not believe that all professors tout the theory of everything goes, there are enough of them to warrant an investigation into the use of college laptops and the professors who utilize them for child pornography as traffickers and traders of a heinous crime.

Warning graphic descriptions

When University of North Dakota professor, Robert Beattie, was convicted of child pornography in 2015, he quoted from a Cherokee parable, “Inside a person is a fight between two hungry wolves.

One is bad, and the other is good. Which wolf wins the fight?"

“The one we feed,” answered Ralph Erickson, the judge in the case.

Erickson ordered Beattie to spend 12 years in prison for having thousands of images and videos of child pornography involving children as young as 2 years old. Family members touted Beattie’s goodness, expounding on his character and reputation.

Beattie’s attorney, Peter Welte said, "Mr. Beattie is a good man with a good family who made a bad decision."

In May of 2016, Mark Ranzenberger, a professor who taught journalism at Central Michigan University pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and admitted that he sexually abused a child 3 times a week between 1995 and 2001.

Pornographic images were mistakenly displayed in class when he used his computer. He had over a thousand images of child pornography and when questioned by the police answered, “I thought I got rid of that stuff.”

University of Virginia’s Assistant Dean, Michael Morris sent to Kirk Nesset, professor at Allegheny College over 500,000 videos and images of child pornography. Some of them were of infant anal rape and one was of a young girl performing oral copulation while an adult was held at knife point.

Henry Kamen, a visiting Spanish history professor at the University of Chicago was indicted on 02/24/2017 on federal child pornography charges. Previously, he was at the University of Wisconsin.

A chemistry professor at the University of Minnesota, Christopher DeZutter, was found with a video that included the anal and vaginal rape of a prepubescent girl approximately 9-13 years old. He was arrested in September of 2016 and sentenced to four years in prison. In 2015, Zutter was found with extreme amounts of child rape and torture photos and videos, including infant rape. DeZutter was sentenced to only 4 months in jail with five years probation. He was free on conditional release when he was arrested again.

Justin Carroll, a 67 year old Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and interim athletic director at Washington University was indicted on January 30, 2017, on one federal charge of access with intent to view child pornography.

Carroll was using university computers to trade in child rape with the handle “MOperv.” His twitter account was @WashUDeanoFun. Carroll was trading the rape and torture of boys between three and six years and he had videos of children as young as three years.

Please remember these are actual children. They live and breathe and have a right to live free of adult persecution. Raise awareness by sharing this article. Never be afraid of the truth.

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