#North Korea has excelled more than experts said they would when its nuclear program started in mid century, around the 1950's, when the Soviet Union gave scientists from the country training in Nuclear Science. It's hard to imagine that Russia shared nuclear secrets with the fledgling regime, but it did, and it started the whole game.

More than thirty years later the #North had almost completely put together its own technology to create its own bomb fuel. Counties such as South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States were adamant that the North needed to stop, but the regime didn't, forging ahead to create its own nuclear missiles.

The regime finally had success at a nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, when the country actually created #plutonium, implementing enough of the nuclear rich material and substance for about one atomic bomb every twelve months.

Enter the first #North Korean nuclear crisis, which took place to frayed Western nerves in 1994, which culminated in a deal made with the Clinton administration: North Korea would halt their production in return for oil and what was called peaceful reactors. This deal then collapsed when George W Bush came to power and in 2006 the country tested its first nuclear test explosion.