Upon reaching the first 100 days of Trump, many are starting to bring out strict measuring rods to see whether trump has managed to do what he promised. Did Trump manage to exceed the expectation of Americans or has he fared rather poorly compared to presidents he viciously criticized?

Reagan and his 100 days of glory

Trump can’t compete with this president’s unbelievable string of achievements during his first 100 Days.

On the very day of his inauguration, the Iran hostage taking, which lasted for almost two years ended, starting his day in office with a resounding success in diplomacy. Also within his 100 days, Reagan survived an attempted assassination and still managed to sign new bills while recuperating. On the 100th day, Reagan had an approval rating of 68 percent.

Clinton and his bout in Waco, Texas

Clinton made a fast start immediately after inauguration by signing a $1.5 trillion national budget in record speed. He also signed a $1 billion aid to Russia after his meeting with then Russian president Boris Yeltsin. However, day 70 in his term was the unfortunate and deadly conclusion of an armed standoff with a religious cult in Waco, Texas which resulted in the deaths of 76 people.

At day 100, Clinton got a 55 percent approval rating.

Obama and Somalian Pirates in Africa

After inauguration, Obama signed the $787 stimulus bill and an extension of the children’s health insurance and began to lay the foundation of his Obamacare. However, on day 79 in his term, Somali pirates came in to wreck the day as they hijacked an American cargo ship and took its crew hostage, but were all killed by US spec-ops.

Obama was applauded for the success of the operation and on his 100th day, the president got a 65 percent approval rating, the highest ever since Reagan.

Trump and the great Korean-Syrian-Russia-China dance of death

Trump started his presidency with a huge women’s march rally, riots and a lot of flak coming from both Republicans and Democrats.

He then shocked the world with the immigration ban, which was quickly lifted. He then focused on dismantling Obamacare, but stalled and now opted to bomb Syria and Afghanistan. He is now entangled with North Korea and on his 100th day, he would get an approval rating that will range from 41percent to 44 percent at most.

Trump has a lot of things to do in order to gain the approval of the American public and at the moment he is still testing the waters. This foreign policy is not doing well, especially with his rhetoric that is constantly alienating country after another country.