Nick Cannon and his relationship with his ex-wife is more successful than it is tumultuous. However, both have had their fair shares of ups and down within the past two years. From official divorce papers to having a child with another woman, Cannon appears to be distant from Mariah Carey, or so it seems. In an interview exclusively aired on the "Wendy Williams Show," Cannon revealed some intriguing details about him and his former spouse's relationship, including that he still spends the night at her residence with her even though he doesn’t share the same bed with her anymore.

Cannon addresses affairs, rumors, and James Packer

Wendy Williams put the former host of "Wild ‘N Out" on the spot a few days ago after she inquired whether he and Carey still continued to engage in intimate affairs with each other. Cannon stated that even though he would find doing that with his ex-wife enjoyable, such acts are not a part of the former couple’s current situation.

He also acknowledged that he is still in love with Cary unconditionally because she is the mother of his children, twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon. While admiring her beauty at the same time, the former host of "America’s Got Talent" noted that he spends time with their children at her house, then proceeds to return to his residence afterward.

Williams additionally said she pointed the finger at Cannon for being responsible for Carey's separation from both Bryan Tanaka and her former fiancée, James Packer. She commented that everyone noticed he was around her a lot despite both having their personal relationships with other people. He responded amicably, saying that he was looking forward to her marrying a billionaire because that meant more yacht indulgences for everybody.

Nick responds to media revelations

At one point, Williams anticipated that both Nick and Mariah would be back together again within the next few years. Cannon, 36, joked and said that the talk show host was trying to make that a reality, while he was merely speaking of his current marital woes.

Cannon recently witnessed his former girlfriend, Brittany Bell, give birth to his child, despite his recurring adorations for his ex-wife.

He mentioned that he feels a relationship ought to be about development when two individuals see one another. Cannon also noted that relationships ought to be circumstances where everybody's improving as an individual. So, when both parties feel as if what they have between them is over, they can still move on and be the best people they could be. Despite those feelings, Cannon spoke with "Entertainment Tonight" earlier this month, referring to Mariah Carey as still being the woman he fantasizes about regularly. He stated that ever since they’ve been apart, he’s grown closer to her and loved her even more because she became his family when she gave birth to his children.