Melania Trump and Donald Trump hosted the 139th White House Easter Egg Roll. The event is organized by the first lady which is attended by military members, local schools, and others. Although the event turned out fun, some people noticed something really awkward during the opening. As the program was about to start, the POTUS stood beside his wife and youngest child at the White House balcony. When the National Anthem played, Donald Trump almost forgot to raise his hand. Fortunately, his wife was there to remind him.

Melania's subtle nudge

Many noticed that as the patriotic music started, Melania and 11-year-old son Barron already placed their hands on their chest to pay their respects but Trump was seen merely standing with his hands at his sides.

When Melania realized that Trump did not follow suit, she gave him a subtle nudge on the hand. With that, Trump raised his hand while the iconic National Anthem played. This awkward moment was caught on camera and was noticed by many, sparking something of a controversy. Everyone is aware that the US Flag code calls for people to put their right hand over their hearts in addressing the flag during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance. Because of this, that small moment became a big discussion on social media.

Melania, Donald welcome guests

Following the awkward moment, Trump delivered a speech saying that the first family will come out and join the Easter Egg Roll. He said that he knows that some kids are highly competitive and would succeed in the egg roll race.

He also promised to sign some cards for the troops.

Melania also delivered a short speech wherein she expressed her happiness for everyone's presence, especially given the fact that it was their first time hosing the event. She also thanked the military band, White House staff, Egg Roll volunteers, and guests for supporting them in renewing the tradition.

"On behalf of the President and Barron, we wish you great fun and beautiful days coming ahead of us," Melania said. She later on read the book "Party Animals" written by Kathie Lee Gifford for the children.

Event preparation

It appears that Melania indeed put a lot of effort into the event since she did a lot of research on previous White House Easter Egg Rolls.

Her staff revealed that the first lady wanted to bring back the tradition.

There are also traditional elements that Melania Trump did not miss like the egg roll, an egg dying station, an art wall, a cookie decorating station, and a reading nook. There was also a thank-you card station where the children could write letters to the troops and veterans.