Even before Donald Trump was voted into office, many noticed that his wife Melania Trump seemed disinterested in his campaigns and in all the attention they are getting. Although she was a model, it appears that Melania does not like the spotlight and prefers to live with privacy.

Recently, a new report emerged about the profile of Melania saying that she is bored and is not interested in doing her First Lady duties. A source close to her revealed that she is just dragged into the political ambitions of her husband since doesn't have a choice but act as the First Lady even if she doesn't like it.

Lack of interest

One proof that she didn't want to be part of it is her speeches during the election. Many are aware that some of her speeches are merely plagiarized from Michelle Obama and others. This could be due to her lack of interest and seriousness in the world of politics.

Another thing is her preference to live outside the White House in Washington, D.C. instead of living with her husband. According to reports, Melania and her son Barron will permanently live in their luxurious apartelle in New York City. However, a recent news emerged that the two will be relocating to the White House this summer, but Melania is not in a rush to move.

What Melania wants

Melania prefers to be with her son Barron than perform her FLOTUS duties.

Parents in her son's school, Columbia Prep in New York City, noticed that she was tired, thin and sad during the election. Others also speculated that she was afraid that Donald would win because she doesn't want to do the job of a first lady.

She wants to be a good parent for their youngest son, Barron. She is an attentive mother and was even seen picking up her son from school.

Aside from that, she also wants to do other things in private. She reportedly prefers to stay in a luxurious home where she can read fashion magazines and get fit through Pilates.

Back in November, she revealed that her pet cause is to prevent cyberbullying. Many people find this ironic especially that her husband has a lack of restraint on Twitter where he shares anything and rants about everything.

He is even involved in many different Twitter wars.

Melania's first lady duties

Despite her disinterest, Melania is seen in various events with her husband. Some people noticed her distance from her husband while others said that she looks bored. But recently, many saw Melania in a happy mood during the Easter Egg Roll at the White House which she organized. The first lady made sure that everything in the event follows tradition and it ended successfully.

It is also expected that her calendar is full of various activities related to her job. Many are hoping that Melania Trump could adjust to this new reality and eventually enjoy doing it.