Kellyanne Conway has written a column in USA Today on this very day. It implies that a man whose legislative record is a matter of some controversy and whose executive orders have likewise elicited criticism may be the most accomplished chief executive in history. It is a celebration of the many remarkable achievements of President Donald Trump.

Trump elevated

The President's most inventive promoter says Donald J. Trump has positively affected the country and enacted more legislation and signed more executive orders than any chief executive in the last fifty years.

She cites the nuclear option confirmation of Justice Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. She says illegal border crossings are down and exports are up.

The president praised

"Mr. Trump has started to chip away at a burdensome regulatory framework," Ms. Conway adds.. She estimates major budget savings. She lauds Commander-in-Chief Trump and says his recent attacks have restored America's global standing. She says her facts "fly in the face" of "a presumptively negative portrayal" that is widespread in the media.

Not so fast

It is difficult to say whether the Kellyanne column is a serious effort to portray the president's accomplishments or simply the best face she could create. It will no doubt result in numerous catcalls from Trump opponents.

False claims

They will say the claim of enacting more legislation is false. Trump's only legislative achievement of note was the Gorsuch confirmation which was won at the expense of using the nuclear option for the first time to confirm a SCOTUS nominee.

Wish lists

They will say it is true that President Trump has been a champion source of executive orders but these amount largely to a wish list.

Many have no force. Among those that do, when they raise major constitutional red flags, they have been blocked by court orders. Kellyanne also says that unprecedented Democratic obstruction has hobbled the president's efforts. She does not add that gridlock of this sort is the actual state of affairs in Washington and has been so for decades.

Muddled status

The Counselor to President Donald Trump completes her column with a barrage of polls. She says most all of broadcast media's Trump coverage has been negative. Americans she says are able to distinguish between news and noise. She cites economic confidence and undeniable signs of the same. She claims the beneficiaries of Trump's efforts are the forgotten people. She condemns "a swamp-like system that favors special interests and the powerful. " She says Trump's "bold" tax reforms would increase opportunities for ordinary Americans. Go figure.