Janet Jackson separated from billionaire Wissam Al Mana after giving birth to their first child together only three months ago. According to their friends, the split is amicable, and the couple plan to co-parent their son. Others say difficulties brewed between the pair for months. A spokesperson who works in close collaboration with the couple said, “She feels he's become too controlling since the pregnancy. Janet lets him dictate what she looks like and even the way she performs in concert."

Jackson versus Wissam's demands

Wissam, 42, and Janet, 50, married almost five years ago back in 2012.

They welcomed their son, Eissa Al Mana, earlier this year on January 3. Soon after, Wissam insisted that he and Janet live in London under strict Muslim laws, including Janet being forbidden to nurse her new baby out in public. Al Mana demanded that the "Rhythm Nation" singer turn down sexy wardrobes during her concert tour in 2014. He also made her decline any music video performances showcasing provocative dancing.

More of their friends claim his dictations drove her insane. They believe she missed who she was. A lot of women do things to step outside themselves just to satisfy their husbands. This kind of behavior begins to take a toll on them when they are forced to find out later that the sacrifices they made didn't even matter in the first place.

Apparently, this is what sources close to Janet claim caused the pair's swift separation. They say she also felt like the controlling cost her a lot of money and a massive fan base. Despite the controversy, the couple hoped that having a baby together would help them with their marital issues.

Janet got fed up

In addition to the breastfeeding regulations, Al Mana deliberately showed no signs of empathy for his wife's mother or the domestic violence claims she filed against her nephew, Trent.

Katherine Jackson went to stay with her daughter in London for two months. That's when Janet decided she wasn't going back to her Husband again. Sources say Janet worried about her mother while Wissam demonstrated no concern at all.

Janet and Wissam Al Mana haven't spoken about their break-up, yet. Both parties posted statements on their personal websites and social media, but haven't talked directly about the real reason why they separated.

However, their friends did say Janet isn't for putting her career on hold due to her personal life. She began resenting her husband because of it. Janet feels that there's no sense in settling down if the woman she is can't be the girl he wants her to be. It is very clear that Janet Jackson only wanted more freedom.