Swedish furniture giant Ikea is nothing if not generous, as one particular Canadian branch takes an interest in orphaned cats at the Etobicoke Humane Society. The company donated ten of the Duktig doll beds to the animal shelter in order to give the inhabitants a more comfortable and stylish catnap. As reported by AJC.com, the store also donated $300 in cash, as reportedly they were already participating in a fundraising campaign in which the animal shelter was their preferred charity.

Video of the cats enjoying their doll beds goes viral

A video was posted on Facebook on Tuesday showing the cats investigating their new mini beds, with some instantly curling up on them and another hiding beneath.

Within a day that post had received more than 20,000 views. A YouTube version of the video footage is also doing well and is included below. Naturally, coming as they do in an IKEA flat pack, we first see the Duktig doll beds being put together by staff before the cats get a chance to test their new furniture out.

According to Etobicoke Humane Society’s social media manager, Rebecca Gordon, they were surprised at the attention their video of their orphaned cats was getting. She added, however, that it is excellent exposure, as they are always in need of various resources for the cats and dogs currently residing in the animal shelter.

Gordon reportedly first came up with the idea after seeing a photo of a cat curled up on an IKEA Duktig doll bed in an online store.

Realizing the potential of the mini beds, she then reached out to IKEA to find out if they were willing to assist. It turned out the store was more than happy to give the Humane Society the beds and they told Gordon they had already made plans to donate the $300.

Cats taking their time to acclimate to the doll beds

Gordon did say that – cats being cats – some of the felines would need some time to get used to their new furniture, but she said two cats in particular – Frankie and Catsby, who star in the video – have already given the beds a purr-fect score.

Catsby is reportedly the more playful feline, who often jumps up onto the Duktig doll beds, while Frankie is the "scaredy-cat" who prefers a little more privacy underneath his piece of furniture.

Video of the cats and their new beds is excellent exposure

As noted by the Toronto Star, Gordon says she hopes the video will give people some ideas on what they can do to help the orphaned residents at the animal shelter.

She says they are 100 percent donation-based and that many of the staff members treat their work at the shelter as a second, full-time job. She also added that they can always use more volunteers at Etobicoke Humane Society.