Two homicide investigators were ambushed and assaulted in Southern Florida last week. law enforcement in Miami-Dade stated that the two casually dressed officers were leading an observation in an unmarked car when an attacker moved toward them and began shooting. Homicide Detectives told CBS News the two officers were rushed to a medical treatment facility in the back of a pickup truck. Juan Perez, director of Miami-Dade police, said in a news conference, "Today we had an exceptionally startling episode. Clearly, we had two members of our law enforcement’s gang unit examining the Annie Coleman residential property.

The final product of their surveillance was that they were evidently shot in an ambush-style assault." One of the casualties took a bullet in his arm. The other officer was shot in the leg. The condition of both law officials was reported to be apparently stable.

Cops determined to find suspect

In any case, the cops presently can't seem to distinguish the identity of the suspect. They are currently approaching the public for general help in conveying the endeavored cop executioners. There is barely any evidence leading to the ability to bring someone in for questioning. No one is telling police who did the shooting or why they did it in the first place.

City officials take to the streets

Perez said, "We require you now to venture up and stake a stand, on the off chance you know something, or saw something, then make a statement on that something.

These are the general population that are bringing devastation to our group, and we're not going to stop. This is not going to discourage us from pursuing our occupations. This will light a greater fire in us to secure our residents."

Reports from WSVN say Miami-Dade law enforcement are currently seeking six suspects. The mayor of Miami-Dade, Carlos Gimenez, pledges that they will surely be brought to justice.

"They have no respect for anything in our group," said Gimenez. "Furthermore, they should not be allowed to walk the streets in the county of Miami-Dade."