According to USA Today, the incident happened on Miami’s north side when two undercover Miami-Dade police officers were investigating an apartment as part of the Homicide Task Force-Gang unit. The officers were reportedly at the Annie Coleman Apartments at the time.

Juan Perez, Director of the Miami-Dade Police has called the act an “ambush-style” shooting and said the undercover officers’ colleagues took them to Jackson Memorial Hospital in a pickup truck. While the extent of the officers’ injuries is not currently known, they are reportedly considered to be stable and both are expected to survive the incident.

Shooting of Miami-Dade officers was a 'very scary incident'

As reported by CBS Miami, the incident occurred near the corner of 20th Avenue and NW 60th Street at approximately 10 p.m. That report quoted Perez as saying the officers had been involved in a “very scary incident” where they were both shot during an “ambush-style attack.” According to police, the officers were shot in during an unprovoked attack and it is currently unknown if the shooters knew they were targeting police officers. Reportedly one of the officers involved in the shooting did return fire, but it is unknown if one of the suspects was hit. According to a witness to the incident who lives in the area and said she was speaking to her boyfriend on her phone at the time, she heard more than two dozen shots.

Multiple police agencies involved in the search for suspects in 'ambush-style shooting'

Reportedly police officers from several different agencies set up a large perimeter which extended as far as NW 56th Street in their search for the suspects.

Reportedly fire rescue officers from the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County were also on the scene. Miami Fire Rescue told CBS News they were there in case anyone became injured during the police search. CBS noted several helicopters were also in the air assisting in the search, along with a SWAT team.

No suspects have been arrested in the shooting.

While officials did say they are unaware of how many suspects were involved in the ambush-style shooting, they did say they have one suspect, a black male aged between 17 to 18 years. Meanwhile, Carlos Gimenez, the Miami-Dade Mayor, said in a press conference that this was a “brazen act of violence” against two of Miami-Dade’s finest officers, who were there to protect the public. Gimenez went on to say that authorities are not going to tolerate such actions. Perez has urged anyone who has pertinent information about the incident to immediately contact authorities.